Sunday, 17 August 2014


Well the time has come. I'll be entering the great obstacle of the journey tomorrow - The Democratic Republic of the Congo. I've been here at Hippocamp in Brazzaville for four days, hoping that some other overlanders would turn up, but alas, no. It looks like I'll be doing it on my own. This is definitely going to change the story! If anything I think that I'm going to be the first person to attempt to cross this country on a c90!
 I've drawn a line of my planned route through the country below. I've been doing a lot of research over the past months and it seems like the best way. I've got the bike all up and ready; brand new air filter, new oil, parts greased up, stocked up on spares and food. If all else fails and it is really that bad I could always hitch a ride to Lubumbashi on a truck.

To be honest, I am scared. But we'll see... I might enjot it! Better to get in there and find out rather than to sit around mulling over all the possibilities on my own. I'd like to get to Zambia in three weeks from now. I don't know if that's feasible but I'll try. I doubt very much that I'm going to have a lot of access to the internet either, but I'll send word out when I can. Bon chance!

Friday, 15 August 2014


The photo's of Cameroon are up in the gallery...

I forgot to mention in my last post... I crossed the equator getting here! I think it was four days ago now. That's from Northern Europe to the Southern Hemisphere! This makes me very happy! As for Brazzaville; I think this is the cleanest, most modern looking African capital I've been to so far. Well, this part of the city I'm in anyway. And the people are great. I'm spending days here until my forgery extended moto insurance runs out (17th), getting the bike ready for DRC. Done the wheels today; checked bearings, greased things up and changed a spoke... that's the third one so far! The moto market area opens tomorrow so I'll go there and get spares and some more tools for most eventualities. This full chain and sprocket set that I bought in Nigeria for £5 has got me here fine and still looks in great condition... but because of the price and where it came from it doesn't hold my full trust... and I really don't want to be stranded in DRC!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


The nine day ride from Yaounde to Brazzaville is over. Seriously, I think I could write a book solely on this last stretch of the journey. I had a very amusing confrontation (on my part) with a very drunken customs man (very annoying on his part) on the Cameroonian border. It's a long story but I thoroughly enjoyed annoying the living hell out of him. He deserved it, he was an absolute oaf... My tactic worked well and I won in the end. Part of my exhaust blew out in the Northern section of the Congo also. The North of the Congo is the most underdeveloped region I've ever been to... even the road I took through the Sahara had better infrastructure. There's more people but there is a dire lack of anything resembling modern living; running water, electricity etc. It made for a good few days though as I stayed in a Pygmy village that was hacked into the jungle as we galvanised bits of metal onto the exhaust to seal it up using a white hot machete that was heated in a mud hut underneath a cauldron of food. This was an amazing experience... and the rain water of the jungle tastes great! The Congolese are wonderful people also, generous, kind, respectful and freindly. And above all... no more hissing! The road has been long and hard though and I'm feeling quite exhausted. I've found a place to stay in Brazzaville for free where I'll rest up for a bit before I take to the Congo's larger counterpart. It's nice to be in a place with running water!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I'm setting off for the Congo now. I decided this morning that I'd like to be in Zambia by the time my year anniversary on the road comes around. That gives me about five weeks... to get through what literally are the worse roads in the world through both Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. If I have no major issues with the bike and ride almost every day it should be doable. I don't feel too great about hanging around in DRC much. Once I get to Zambia I'll be on the final stages of Africa - according to the map anyway! I should be in Brazzaville within a week. I just hope the rains hold off!

Monday, 4 August 2014


Here's the map I've been using to date... a map that is now finished! So that's one map down and one more to do. I've drawn a line of every road that I've traveled on through West Africa. It's like a black river of memory.

I'm leaving this church tomorrow. It's very nice of them to have let me stay but I'm fucking sick of these bastard god children and their constant fucking noise. There's like three schools here and all day every day, singing, banging, screaming, drumming, more screaming, banging and shouting and screaming. No one will leave me alone... I can't even piss in peace. And just to make a point.... praying to stop mosquitos to stop biting your child is going to do nothing... buy a fucking net and some cream. JESUS!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Journal 7: Leaving the peace of Togo, malaria in Voodoo land and riding through the hostility/hospitality of Nigeria.

Leaving Will’s house was a lot like leaving home again. Saying goodbye to familiar faces and surroundings. I’d spent a quarter of a year there so I had grown some roots. I was ready to leave Ghana though. Out of all the countries I’ve visited so far (aside from India) it was the most annoying, and I was happy to be getting out of there. I was also due to meet up with Will again in Benin in a few weeks’ time so the goodbye was okay. I don’t like goodbyes.

After three months of comfort and air conditioning the outside world showed me no mercy when I first wild camped on my way out of Ghana. I was riding through the mountains to a remote border and started to hear thunder at around 4pm. I thought it be best to stop and pitch my tent before a torrent came. I pitched and waited… but no rain. As it got dark I climbed into my tent, finding it stifling and sweltering. By 8:30 I went outside to brush my teeth and that’s when the rain hit…

Saturday, 2 August 2014


The few photo's that I took in Nigeria are up in the photo gallery. As for here in Cameroon... I've found a wonderful place to stay in this Presbitarian church that I came across by chance. They're letting me camp for free, invite me for breakfast and dinner and the wifi in some areas is the best I've come across in Africa. Full of very noisey Christians though!